2.C.7.a - Copper Production

Short description

Within this NFR sub-category, SO2, PM2.5, PM10, TSP, PCDD/F, HCB, As, Cd, Cu, Hg, and Pb emissions from the production of copper are reported.

Category Code Method AD EF
2.C.7.a T1 AS D, CS
Key Category SO₂ NOₓ NH₃ NMVOC CO BC Pb Hg Cd Diox PAH HCB TSP PM₁₀ PM₂ ₅
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Activity data

The yearly production figures were taken from the annual statistical report of the German association for non-ferrous metals [Lit. 1].

Emission factors

The emission factors are either default values according to the 2019 EMEP/EEA air pollutant emission inventory guidebook [Lit. 2] or determined in several research projects. The EF for the heavy metals (HM) are taken from a research project [Lit. 3].

Table 1: Tier1 emission factors applied for entire time series

Pollutant EF Unit
HCB 1 mg/t
PCDD/F 2.9 µg/t
TSP 0.100 kg/t
PM10 0.085 kg/t
PM2.5 0.07 kg/t
SO2 3.0 kg/t
As 7 g/t
Cd 15 g/t
Cu 57 g/t
Hg 0.031 g/t
Pb 16 g/t



Recalculations were necessary

For pollutant-specific information on recalculated emission estimates for Base Year and 2018, please see the pollutant specific recalculation tables following chapter 8.1 - Recalculations.

Planned improvements

No category specific improvements are planned.


Lit. 1: German association for non-ferrous metals (WirtschaftsVereinigung Metalle): Annual statistical report: https://www.wvmetalle.de
Lit. 2: Ökopol, IER, IZT, IfG: Bereitstellung einer qualitätsgesicherten Datengrundlage für die Emissionsberichterstattung zur Umsetzung von internationalen Luftreinhalte- und Klimaschutzvereinbarungen für ausgewählte Industriebranchen Teilvorhaben 2: NE-Metallindustrie, Kalkindustrie, Gießereien.