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Editors: Patrick Gniffke, Michael Kotzulla, Kevin Hausmann

Illustrations: Kristina Juhrich, Michael Kotzulla

Chapter Author
Summary Kevin Hausmann, Michael Strogies
Introduction Michael Strogies, Christian Boettcher, Patrick Gniffke, Michael Kotzulla, David Kuntze
Institutional arragements Dirk Günther
Energy Christian Boettcher, Kristina Juhrich, Michael Kotzulla, Sebastian Plickert (1.A.1.c)
- Stationary Fuel Combustion Kristina Juhrich
- Mobile Fuel Combustion Michael Kotzulla
- Fugitive Emissions from Fuels Christian Boettcher
Industrial Processes and Product Use Folke Dettling, Robert Kludt, David Kuntze, Sebastian Plickert , Almut Reichart, Jens Reichel
- Mineral Industry (2.A) Robert Kludt
- Chemical Industry (2.B) David Kuntze, Jens Reichel, Robert Kludt
- Metal Production (2.C) Sebastian Plickert (2.C.1), Jens Reichel
- Other Solvent and Product Use (2.D) Folke Dettling, Robert Kludt, Michael Kotzulla, David Kuntze, Jens Reichel
- Other Product Use (2.G) David Kuntze, Jens Reichel, Michael Kotzulla
- Other (Pulp & Paper, Food) (2.H) Almut Reichart (2.H.1), Uli Gromke (2.H.2)
- Wood Processing (2.I) Robert Kludt
- Production of POPs (2.J) N.N.
- Consumption of POPs and Heavy Metals (2.K) N.N.
- Other Production, Consumption, Storage, (…) Bulk Products (2.L) Michael Kotzulla
Agriculture Hans-Dieter Haenel and Claus Rösemann (Thünen Institute of Climate-Smart Agriculture), Ulrike Döring (UBA), Patrick Gniffke (UBA)
Forest Fires Katja Oehmichen and Wolfgang Stümer (Thünen Institute of Forest Ecosystems)
Waste overview Kristina Juhrich, Stephan Schiller
Waste 5.A, 5.B, 5.D, 5.E.1 Stephan Schiller
Waste 5.C, 5.E.2 Robert Kludt
Emission trends Patrick Gniffke, Kevin Hausmann, Michael Strogies
General Uncertainty Evaluation Kevin Hausmann
Assessment of completeness Kevin Hausmann
Methods and Data Sources Christian Boettcher
QA/QC and Verification Methods Stephan Schiller
Key source analysis David Kuntze
Recalculations Michael Kotzulla
Improvements Kevin Hausmann (co-ordinater), Christian Boettcher, Stephan Schiller, Michael Kotzulla
Projections Kevin Hausmann
Point Sources and Gridded Data Kevin Hausmann, Ulrike Döring
Adjustments Kevin Hausmann (co-ordinater), Michael Kotzulla (1.A.3.b), Ulrike Döring (3.B, 3.D, 3.I)
Appendices Michael Kotzulla (co-ordinater)

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